What Sioux Falls Young Life looks like


What does Young Life look like in Sioux Falls?

Young Life has been active in reaching Sioux Falls students for several years. We are involved in the three main public high schools and are getting to know students as we meet them on their turf and interact with them within our programs. Young Life in Sioux Falls is supported by a number of adults, churches, and businesses that have a desire to see kids grow and know Jesus.


We believe that EVERY kid deserves to know about God’s deep love for them. We know that the very relational way in which Young Life seeks to share life with students around the world has proven successful over many decades.   


We currently find ourselves with students from Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Washington high schools. Sioux Falls Young Life prayerfully projects to grow and sustain a ministry on these three campuses with hopes to expand into middle schools in the Sioux Falls area. In all this - we trust, surrender, and wait upon God to move and grow the ministry of Young Life according to His will.


Sioux Falls Young Life has weekly club, weekly campaigners bible study groups, contact work, and camp opportunities; each of these inviting students to life, introducing them to who Jesus is and offering to walk alongside them in life. ​


Young Life Sioux Falls | 1125 S Ebenezer Ave Ste 1 Sioux Falls, SD 57106-5761

Phone: 605.777.2885

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