What is WyldLife?

WyldLife is a non-denominational Christian based youth ministry, supported by the community.  Sioux Falls WyldLife is reaching out to 6th - 8th Graders to get crazy in a safe environment and share the Good News in junior high language.
The philosophy of WyldLife is the same as Young Life - introducing adolescents to Jesus Christ and helping them to grow in their faith.  But, because middle school kids (grades 6-8) are at a different development stage than high schoolers and needs are different, we make subtle changes between the two.

​WyldLife Leaders

WyldLife leaders include high school students, college students and adults in the Sioux Falls community who are strong in their faith and care about adolescents.  All volunteers are trained and supervised by Andrew Carmany and Chris Vanden Hoek.

​WyldLife Club

WyldLife clubs are high energy and interactive, fast paced and unpredictable.  Leaders use all kinds of creativity when planning the club format. Starting this September, WyldLife clubs will meet every other week for 1 ½-2 hours.  The theme may change at each Club, but the message of Christ’s love remains the same.

​WyldLife Camping

WyldLife camp caters to the middle school-aged kid.  While the same as Young Life camping in principle and excellence, the specifics and schedules are age appropriate.  From the talks each night to the pace of the day’s activities, Christ is proclaimed through relationships and programs in a way that connects to the heart of these kids.  

​Parent Inovlement

In WyldLife, adults and parents usually play a more prominent role in the kids’ lives and in their decisions.  Parent Support Groups assist the staff and leaders with everything from praying for the ministry to providing snacks for Club.  

If you are interested in becoming involved as a parent, call Andrew at 605.777.2885. We would love to have you involved.

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